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Sustainability goals and practices. 
Our commitment to global responsibility.

At Clopay, sustainability is ingrained in our operations and culture. We’re proving this with our “10/10/10 By 2020” plan. Using 2013 as our baseline, our sustainability goals are to reduce the company’s energy usage, water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by 10% by the year 2020.

Innovations in operations, product design, packaging, and consumption will be our catalysts to drive sustainable change. For example, thinner films with similar physical properties, better equipment efficiency, and waste recycling or elimination have been a part of the heritage of Clopay. Innovations like these have helped us — and the customers we partner with — make our goals and future more sustainable.

10/10/10 BY 2020
  • energy usage reduction
  • reduction for water usage
  • reduction for greenhouse gas emissions