Ideas, realized.

Prototype and early production. 
Where ideas come to life.

If you have an idea, consider what Clopay can do to help nurture the development of your concept and bring it to fruition.

People Clopay’s diverse group of technologists includes PhDs in the fields of chemistry, physics and engineering, and team members with the hands-on experience to support our research activities.

Concept Security We will turn your concepts into customized, real-world applications, in an atmosphere of paramount confidentiality.

Comprehensive Capabilities Your product concept will progress from pilot production testing to commercial release, with the best speed-to-market performance in the industry.

Global Resources With locations across the world, we bring our clients diversified technologies with global manufacturing and distribution capabilities.

Our team can quickly evaluate pilot run results and develop new formulations on-site. In addition, Clopay partners with several major universities to extend our research and new product development capabilities. As a result, development time is significantly reduced and products get to market faster.