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Clopay’s product line includes films and laminates; breathable films and laminates; printed and/or siliconized films and laminates; elastic films; and topsheet and acquisition distribution layer (ADL)Our capabilities evolve every day as new challenges are brought to us by our clients. Scroll down to learn more or contact your Clopay representative to discuss the possibilities.

Films & Laminates

Clopay has perfected film and laminate technologies for materials currently used in the hygiene, healthcare, industrial protective apparel and consumer product markets.

Clopay offers a wide variety of mono- and multi-layer films and laminates suitable for many applications. We can customize the product based on your requirements, with the ability to tailor roll dimensions, emboss patterns, adhesive or release-coat, extrusion laminate or corona treat.

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Films and Laminates

Breathable Films & Laminates – Clopay’s MicroPro® Products

Clopay has helped pioneer breathable film and laminate technologies for products currently used in the hygiene, healthcarebuilding and construction, and industrial protective apparel markets.

Clopay offers a line of MicroPro® and apertured breathable films that are comfortable, affordable, durable and high quality – all of which are attributes that end-consumers desire. Clopay can tailor products specifically to the needs of your consumers, whether they’re looking for a higher level of softness, quietness, breathability or other key performance properties.

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Breathable Films and Laminates

Printed Films and Laminates

At Clopay, we print products for the hygiene and consumer markets that range from simple two-color random designs to eight-color registered artworks. We can print on both sides of the film (backside printing) and slit these films to narrower than industry standard. In addition, we have both flexographic and rotogravure printing as well as siliconizing capabilities.

Controlling repeat length registration on diaper lines is critical, as our customers continue to demand softer, quieter printed films. Clopay has developed patented technology that ensures that our films and laminates will meet your operational requirements as well as the product demands of your marketplace.

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Printed Films and Laminates

Elastic Films – Clopay’s ElastiPro® Products

Clopay’s ElastiPro® films and laminates bring leading-edge elastic performance to numerous applications in both the hygiene and healthcare markets, greatly enhancing product comfort and fit.

ElastiPro® films are formulated using unique blends to meet the specific cost and performance requirements of various market applications.

With state-of-the-art manufacturing assets, process innovation, advanced pilot line capabilities and close collaboration with key raw material suppliers, our dedicated team of innovators continues to help bring you new, cost-effective film solutions.

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Clopay Elastipro® Elastic Films and Laminates

Topsheet and Acquisition Distribution Layer (ADL)

Clopay’s newest family of products — apertured film and laminate — includes vacuum-apertured film and laminate and needle-punched film, nonwoven and laminate.

Applications include topsheet and acquisition distribution layer for the hygiene market, such as topsheet for feminine care, baby care and adult incontinence, as well as healthcare applications, such as bandages and wound care pads.

With our broad capabilities, we can customize the size and density of the apertures and the embossing pattern in these films to meet a customer’s product performance goals.

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Topsheet and Acquisition Distribution Layer