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Our operational achievements. 
Recognition for a job well done.

When choosing a collaborative partner, you want to find a company whose people are driven to succeed. You’ll find those people at Clopay.

Safety will always be the most important award of all. Clopay is consistently ranked at the top of our industry. Our internal programs drive home our safety-first principles. Local governments have recognized our facilities for their stellar safety performance. For example, our Nashville plant received the Tennessee Governor’s Award for Safety Excellence, which recognized the site for two consecutive years of injury-free operations.

The value we place on safety every single day is a reminder that we have a responsibility to each employee, community and customer. Our commitment to safety isn’t just a financial endeavor; it’s our culture. We will continue to strive to reach the ultimate goal of zero accidents.

Lean Six Sigma As a Lean Six Sigma company, our principles of continuous improvement are derived from “lean thinking” and the elimination of waste on a daily basis by all employees. Using Six Sigma tools, we eliminate variation in our processes and products.

Educating our employees on a globally consistent process is a priority. We conduct internal Lean Six Sigma training as well as partner with university and industry thought leaders. Clopay team members hold certifications ranging from Yellow Belt to Master Black Belt. In addition, Clopay is a member of the Center for Operational Excellence at The Ohio State University.

International Recognition

Our employees have been recognized internationally for their advances in lubrication systems/total productive maintenance (TPM). In fact, our lubrication expertise is so well known that major international companies have come here to learn our best practices.