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Film Products & Markets. 
What you need to meet today’s demands.

You need a partner who has the capabilities to deliver your vision. That would be Clopay. Clopay is a leader in the supply of printed breathable films as well as a key innovator in the custom development of elastic films and laminates. Our product offerings are uniquely designed for applications used in a number of markets, including:

We also bring you a range of value-added conversion capabilities, such as:

  • Extrusion or adhesive lamination to an assortment of substrates
  • Eight-color registration and backside printing
  • Siliconization
  • Custom narrow slit widths
  • Specialty additive incorporation

Clopay relentlessly pursues innovation to meet ever-changing global market needs and customer requirements. Our capabilities and product offerings are continually improving and expanding, satisfying the needs of more and more markets. We look forward to leveraging our broad capabilities in designing a unique product for you, meeting your exacting requirements. Please contact us and meet your partner in innovation.