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Our Film & Laminate Markets. 
From hygiene to healthcare to unlimited possibilities.

As a premier supplier of films and laminates, Clopay is well known in a number of markets, including hygienehealthcarebuilding and construction and industrial protective apparel. This list of markets is growing every day, as we constantly reach into new areas for innovative film applications.

The Hygiene Markets

Clopay has been a key supplier to customers, producing products for baby care, feminine hygiene and adult incontinence for more than 30 years. Consumers’ wants and needs for products in these categories have evolved a great deal over this timespan. Products today need to be absorbent, comfortable, discreet and aesthetically pleasing, while still remaining cost effective.

Clopay supplies a variety of films and laminates for products in the hygiene industry. Our printed breathable films and laminates are benchmark products in the industry. Clopay’s elastic films provide functional support as well as enhanced comfort to absorbent products in both the baby care and adult incontinence markets. Our non-breathable films and laminates and topsheet materials can be found in feminine hygiene products around the world. If your company needs a development partner that understands these markets, Clopay is your logical choice.

Plastics for Hygiene Markets

The Healthcare Market

Clopay's films and laminates, elastic films and other materials are used in multiple applications in the healthcare market, from tubular elastic stockinettes to barrier gowns. We have been providing solutions for this market for more than 20 years.

As a proven, reliable supplier and innovator, we continue to advance our technologies to meet ever-changing market requirements. Our latest development focus is in the area of breathable viral barrier films and laminates. We look forward to the challenge of developing materials that meet your application needs for the healthcare market.

Plastics for Healthcare Markets

The Building and Construction Market

Clopay utilizes breathable films and laminates technologies to manufacture custom housewrap materials for many leading companies in the building and construction market. Our customers trust us to support them from product inception and development through commercialization. Our breathable film coatings provide reliable air and water barriers while allowing water vapor to escape from the wall cavity, necessary for mold prevention. The moisture vapor transmission rate of our film coatings is fine-tuned to meet specific levels of need for varying market requirements. 

Share your requirements with us, from color to grab tensile, and let’s get to work. Once we have developed the material to meet your market needs, you can count on our focus on operational excellence to deliver a quality product on time, every time.

Plastics for Building Products

The Industrial Protective Apparel Market

Clopay’s films and laminates find application in industrial protective clothing, providing a balance of protection, comfort and strength. Our breathable films and laminates are also suitable for providing personal protection from hazardous environments while still providing increased comfort. If you are interested in custom-manufactured films and laminates for protective clothing, please contact us and we will get to work for you.

Clopay Industrial Protective Apparel