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Film Innovation. 
Changing the world together.

Innovation is the key to remaining competitive and continuing to be leaders in the marketplace. Clopay transforms ideas into innovation with a great team, products and technologies.

As pioneers in breathable film development, Clopay continues to advance multiple types of film technologies to meet the growing demand for film performance across a variety of markets and applications.

Our Technology and Innovation (T&I) brain trust collaborates with you to take new film concepts to market. We not only work with you to create game-changing products, but in many cases, our team creates the technology to produce them as well, designing and using equipment and processes developed by our own people.

Combining quality with cost advantage.

At Clopay, we realize that being cost efficient is one of the most important aspects of innovation today. Your company and your consumers are constantly seeking out new ways to economize. Let us help you find unique ways to reduce cost and improve operational efficiencies without sacrificing quality.

Confidentiality is key.

As professionals in an industry driven by breakthrough ideas, our team understands that intellectual property must be handled with the utmost care. At Clopay, our confidentiality measures are stringent and comprehensive. Your genius is always safe with us.

Learn more about our Technology and Innovation Center and our New Business Development team. Let’s work together to reshape the world of plastics.