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Clopay is a global leader in specialty films, extrusion coatings, custom-printing and engineered laminations. The company is widely known for its unique technology developments in the areas of microporous breathable, elastomerics, monolithic, and apertured films and composites. Clopay's products are used in the hygienic, healthcare, protective apparel, and industrial markets.
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Scientific curiosity is the lifeblood of Clopay. For over seventy years, we have never rested in our quest to broaden our understanding not only of chemistry and physics, but also the needs of our customers.

With extensive custom film, coating, printing and lamination capabilities and patented processes in microporous breathable composites and elastomeric technologies, Clopay can meet or exceed the most demanding product specifications. A state-of-the-art research and testing facility provides all the vital resources needed to bring your product ideas to market in the shortest time possible.

Clopay's expert product development team will assist you in defining application specifications that achieve the highest quality and the performance needed to distinguish your brand. Clopay's production-sized pilot extrusion line insures development of optimum product formulations and commercial viability.

If your product concept involves nonwoven composites, breathable films, or printing, Clopay has a product for you. If your product requires a totally new technology in plastic, films, or laminates then Clopay is absolutely the best choice to help you move ideas from concept to commercialization.

Specialized yet diverse, Clopay is a global company with manufacturing and distribution facilities in the United States, Europe, and South America.

We invite you to join us in the pursuit of possibilities.

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