Ideas, realized.


Cincinnati Aerial View

1859 Paper wholesaler Bernard Seinsheimer opens his business in downtown Cincinnati.

Clopay Corporation Named in 1930

1930 Clopay is named, designed to represent a combination of cloth and paper.

Clopay Corporation

1934 Incorporated as Clopay Corporation.

Blackout Window Shades Advertisement

1940 The company, transformed by wartime demands, begins manufacturing blackout window shades during World War II.

Clopay Curtain Advertisement

1950 Clopay begins extruding plastics in Cincinnati.

Clopay Augusta Expansion

1955 Expansion! Clopay purchases a plant on its current site in Augusta, KY, and moves extrusion capabilities to the new plant.

Plastic Bandage Roll 1960 & ’70s Company creates films for disposable products utilizing extrusion and embossing. These products include hula hoops, roofing products, dust covers for furniture, window shade films, film for food wrap and plastic bandages film.

Nashville, Tennessee

1985 Clopay opens a new facility in Nashville, TN.

Griffon Acquires Clopay

1986 Griffon Corporation acquires Clopay Corporation.

Historic Neighborhood

1996 Clopay Aschersleben GmbH formed as a joint venture between Clopay Plastic Products Company and BBA Fiberweb*.

Clopay Facilities in Germany

1998 Clopay acquires Böhme Verpackungsfolien GmbH, located in Bavaria, Germany, and forms Böhme.

Clopay do Brasil

2002 Clopay acquires 60% of ISOFILME, forming Clopay do Brasil.

Clopay opens a state-of-the-art pilot plant facility in Mason, OH.

Clopay Pilot Plant Opens in Mason, OH

2003 Clopay expands printing by opening facilities in both Aschersleben, Germany, and Nashville, TN.

German and Brazilian Flags

2005 Clopay acquires full ownership of Clopay Aschersleben GmbH from BBA Fiberweb and full ownership of Clopay do Brasil from ISOFILME.

Clopay China

2010 Clopay acquires Hangzhou SNT Technology Co., Ltd., to create Hangzhou Clopay Plastic Products Co., Ltd., in the People’s Republic of China.

Clopay Augusta, KY Facility

2012 60,000-square-foot facility expansion in Augusta, KY.

Clopay China Moves to Wujiang, Suzhou

2015 Clopay China moves the facility from Hangzhou to Wujiang, Suzhou.

Clopay now has facilities in four countries on four continents and is a multi-national manufacturer of printed films and laminates.