Ideas, realized.
The best partners keep thinking forward.
That would be us.

Our global technology teams. 
A worldwide exchange of ideas.

Being an international company provides Clopay access to the best practices of companies throughout the world. We continue to pursue innovative thoughts and ideas and look for the best ways to implement these ideas across our organization. As such, we have created Global Technology Teams with the purpose of ensuring that all our sites remain on the leading edge of technology and innovation.

Clopay has three Global Technology Teams organized and tasked with the job of making certain that Clopay’s products and services reflect the best practices available across the globe. These teams include specialized personnel in the areas of innovationengineering and printing.

Every customer is a member of our Global Technology Team.

Since our work is so strongly rooted in collaboration, our customers can also be considered part of our global technology effort. Working together, we constantly generate ideas, which lead to operational excellence and higher quality products.